Google Search Ads Setup and Management

Be where your customers are looking: On Google

Show your highly relevant offer on your customers’ Google searches and catch their eye.

Reach any stage of the sales funnel with precision




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Instant sales: Show up right away

The principle of Google Ads is very simple and timeless: Your ad shows up at the top of the search results page.

As soon as you start a Google Ads campaign, you start being shown to searchers. A well tuned Google Ads campaign is like a high power tap that you can turn on and off as you need. 

Open the tap = traffic starts coming in almost instantly.
Close the tap = no more traffic, no more expenses.

Cost effective: best bang for buck

Google Ads runs on a Pay-Per-Click model, meaning you aren’t charged for simply showing up (like a billboard, newspaper, magazine, etc). You only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This idea makes Google Search ads incredibly powerful.

Focus your budget on keywords that get you the best audience, and don’t waste money by being shown to irrelevant visitors.

Google Ads may be the most effective direct response advertising channel ever. Your business shows up for the right searches, at the right time. 

Measurable Results: Priceless insights

A gigantic, seldom mentioned benefit of Google Ads is the extremely tailored market data you produce. Even without making a single sale, you can see which advertising messages are bringing results. Whether a certain offer or tagline is attractive or not.

We’ve used this data alongside website development to create new landing pages that there is demonstable demand for, and curate the right messages that drive conversions. You can go even further, and get inspiration to offer new products or services that you see demand for. 

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